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Laurie Paul on Temporal Experience

A summary of Laurie Paul’s Temporal Experience: Antireductionists about time hold that our experience of the nowness and passage of events are best explained by events really having mind-independent nowness and mind-independent temporal passage. Reductionists reject mind-independent nowness and mind-independent … Continue reading

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Libertarian Free Will and punching babies

Proponents of libertarian free will typically point out unwanted consequences if determinism is true.  I want to even out the playing field a bit and point out the unwanted consequences too. Suppose I hand you a baby and ask you … Continue reading

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Utilitarianism and the plentitude principle.

On utilitarian ethics, the moral thing to do is the action that maximizes utility, e.g., maximizing pleasure over pain.   But, it would be impossible to maximize utility if we assume (1) the universe is infinite, and (2) the plentitude principle that … Continue reading

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Johnathan Schaffer – Is there a fundamental level?

This is a summary of Johnathan Schaffer’s “Is there a fundamental level?” Schaffer argues that there are no good a priori arguments or a posteriori evidence for fundamental particles.  (I won’t go over his arguments here.)  The replacement of quantum … Continue reading

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Saul Smilansky on Free Will

Saul Smilansky’s views on free will can be summarized by three points. Libertarian free will is impossible for two reasons.  The first is the randomness objections raised by various philosophers.  The second is Galen Strawson’s Basic Argument Traditionally, people have … Continue reading

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