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The Multiverse is parsimonious and not ad hoc?

Coel Hellier, a professor of Astrophysics at Keele University, has two interesting blog posts.  In the first post he explains why the multiverse hypothesis is not ad hoc and why it is a scientific hypothesis.  His basic idea is: If a scientific … Continue reading

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Moral Responsibility and Free Will

Typically people associate free will as a condition necessary for moral responsibility.  As John Martin Fischer says: Some philosophers do not distinguish between freedom and moral responsibility. Put a bit more carefully, they tend to begin with the notion of … Continue reading

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Genes do not encode information for phenotypic traits

Here’s a summary of Peter Godfrey-Smith’s argument that genes do not encode information for phenotypic traits. Peter Godfrey-Smith argues that genes do not encode information about phenotypic traits; but they do encode information about proteins.  First we need to be … Continue reading

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