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William Lane Craig, presentism, Zeno’s paradox, and the Kalam

I have been puzzled by how Craig’s Aristotelian solution to Zeno’s paradoxes is consistent with presentism. I finally got around to reading the part of his book that explains this. If I am understanding his view correctly, it seems that … Continue reading

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Divine Conceptualism

Many theists have taken the potential existence of platonic objects to compromise God’s aseity and sovereignty. God’s aseity is the view that God does not depend on anything outside himself for his existence. God’s sovereignty is the view that everything … Continue reading

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Platonism, a short introduction

By platonism, I will mean the contemporary view on it in analytic philosophy, and not necessarily Plato’s view. Platonists believe that the existence abstract objects are needed to make sense of three phenomena: resemblance, subject-predicate discourse, and abstract reference.   By … Continue reading

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