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The epistemology of modality and some metaphysical consequences

I want to consider how we know what worlds are metaphysically possible. First, let’s state what a possible world is. I like to think of possible worlds in the way Kripke states it: “‘Possible worlds’ are total ‘ways the world … Continue reading

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Platonism, a short introduction

By platonism, I will mean the contemporary view on it in analytic philosophy, and not necessarily Plato’s view. Platonists believe that the existence abstract objects are needed to make sense of three phenomena: resemblance, subject-predicate discourse, and abstract reference.   By … Continue reading

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Laurie Paul on Temporal Experience

A summary of Laurie Paul’s Temporal Experience: Antireductionists about time hold that our experience of the nowness and passage of events are best explained by events really having mind-independent nowness and mind-independent temporal passage. Reductionists reject mind-independent nowness and mind-independent … Continue reading

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Johnathan Schaffer – Is there a fundamental level?

This is a summary of Johnathan Schaffer’s “Is there a fundamental level?” Schaffer argues that there are no good a priori arguments or a posteriori evidence for fundamental particles.  (I won’t go over his arguments here.)  The replacement of quantum … Continue reading

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The Plurality of Causal Pluralism

There are competing candidates on what causation is, viz., regularity, counterfactual dependence, probabilistic dependence, process, etc.  The literature on the metaphysics of causation typically operates under the presumption that there is a single, deep metaphysical fact about what causation is. … Continue reading

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